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General English

Your English Grammar Book!

This course contains every subject in the English language. Whether you are looking for information on how to use perfect tenses, modal verbs, auxiliaries, or any other subject, this course has what you need! New video lessons are being added to the English grammar book on a regular basis, sign up to the course to have notifications when one has been published.

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Yes. 100% free.

I’m not sure where to start

Try the study guide quiz. It will generate random grammar questions and point you towards the subjects you need the most help with.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Study Guide A great place to start if you don't know which lesson to take. 5min


Present and Past Simple and continuous tenses in the present and past, as well as state verbs. 1hr 35min


Present Perfect and Past Perfect Perfect tenses in the present and past. 2h 10min


Future Simple, continuous and perfect tenses in the future. 1hr 35min


Modals Words that express certainty, probability or possibility. 3h 25min


"If" and "Wish" Present and future conditionals. 1hr


The Passive All the different ways to use the passive voice. 1hr 10min


Reported Speech Everything about how to use reported speech. 30min


Auxiliaries and questions Forming different types of questions and the use of auxiliaries. 1hr


Verbs All the different ways to use and form verbs. 4h 25min


Nouns and Articles All the different ways to use and form nouns. 3hr 30min


Pronouns and Determiners All the different ways to use and form pronouns and determiners. 2hr 50min


Relative Clauses Adding extra information to sentences. 1hr 50min


Adjectives and Adverbs Using all types of adjectives and adverbs. 6hr 50min


Prepositions Using all types of prepositions. 5hr 5min


Phrasal Verbs Every way to use and form phrasal verbs. 2hr 25min