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Welcome to your Adjectives lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Types of adjectives
Ordering adjectives
• Using verbs with adjectives
Time expressions
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Types of adjectives

Sometimes we use two or more adjectives together:

She’s wearing a beautiful long dress.”

I saw an ugly black cat in the garden.”

Adjectives can be split into multiple categories. Adjectives like beautiful, ugly and nice are opinion adjectives. Adjectives like long, black and round are ‘fact adjectives’. Opinion adjectives normally come before fact adjectives.

Ordering adjectives

Sometimes we use multiple opinion adjectives or multiple fact adjectives. We usually put adjectives in this order:

Size Age Colour  Origin Material Noun
big blue wooden chair
old Russian song
 white plastic spoon
 young  French girl

If you use two adjectives of the same column add “and”:

A blue and white t-shirt.

A fat and tall man.”

Using verbs with adjectives

Adjectives are used after be/become/get/seem:

Please be careful!

I’m getting tired, can we take a break?

She seems nice.

Adjectives are also used to say how something/someone looks/feels/sounds/tastes/smells:

The dinner smells nice.

I feel terrible today.

That song sounds good.

When you want to say ‘how’ someone does something, you must use an ‘adverb’:

She plays the guitar very well.

Some people drive dangerously.

Time expressions

We say “the first two days / the next few months” etc. not “the two first days / the few next months” etc:

I really enjoyed the first three days of the holiday.

I’ll be working for the next few hours.

The last ten minutes of the match were intense!