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Skills – Unit 1

Now, test yourself on everything you’ve learned in this unit! Go back to the individual lessons if you need to revise a bit more.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Use lots of immigration vocabulary

Select the word that correctly completes each sentence.

From the lesson: Immigrant Song 

Understand information in a complicated audio track

Listen to the audio and answer the questions.

From the lesson: The Gateway to the New World

Express yourself while avoiding repetition

Complete the halves of the sentences that avoid repetition.

From the lesson: Avoiding Repetition

Use synonyms to make speech sound more natural

Complete the halves of the sentences that use synonyms.

From the lesson: Using Synonyms

Recognise nationalities, languages and countries

Complete the sentences that use the vocabulary you looked at in the lesson.

From the lesson: Countries, Nationalities and Languages

Recognise the difference between BrE and AmE

Read the sentences and decide if they are using BrE or AmE.

From the lesson: British and American English

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