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Skills – Unit 2

Now, test yourself on everything you’ve learned in this unit! Go back to the individual lessons if you need to revise a bit more.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Recognise key words in a short text

Read the short book extracts and decide on the genre of the book.

From the lesson: Bookworm

Recognise vocabulary pertaining to novels

Read the descriptions and choose the correct word.

From the lesson: Inner demons.

Use phrasal verbs in context

Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete the sentences.

From the lesson: Speak like a native.

Recognise synonyms to advanced level vocabulary

Match the synonyms together in this quiz.

From the lesson: A self-proclaimed genius.

Understand nuances in sentences

Match the situations to the sentences in this quiz.

From the lesson: Playing with tenses.

Pronounce complicated words

Match the homophones.

From the lesson: A word salad.

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