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• It was nice of you to…
Adjective + “About” / “With”
• Adjective + “At” / “By” / “With”
• Sorry “About” / “For
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It was nice of you to…

You can say nice / kind / good / great / stupid (etc.) “of” somebody to do something:

“It was polite of you to open the door for me.”

“It’s stupid of her to forget her umbrella.”

But, you can also say be nice / kind / good / great / stupid (etc.) “to” somebody (not with somebody):

“You have always been mean to me.”

“Why are you so rude to her?”

Adjective + “About” / “With”

Here are a few expressions that follow this structure:

  • Angry / annoyed / furious “about” something:

“You always get annoyed about little things.”

  • Angry / annoyed / furious “with” somebody “for” something:

“I’m furious with you for being late this morning.”

  • Excited / worried / upset / happy (etc.) “about” a situation:

“Are you worried about global warming?”

“I’m excited about going on holiday.”

  • Delighted / pleased / disappointed / satisfied “with” the result of something, or something you receive:

“They were delighted with the present you gave them.”

“I was delighted with my test results.”

Adjective + “At” / “By” / “With”

Here are a few expressions that follow this structure:

  • Amazed / astonished / shocked / surprised “at” / “by” something:

“We were surprised at your news.”

“I hope you weren’t shocked by what I said.”

  • Impressed “with” / “by” somebody / something:

“I’m very impressed with your English. Well done!”

  • Fed up / bored “with” something:

“I’m bored with this film, let’s watch something else.”

Sorry “About” / “For”

Here are a few expressions that follow this structure:

  • Sorry “about” a situation, or something that happened:

“I’m sorry about the noise last night.”

“We’re sorry about the messy kitchen, I’ll clean it up now.”

  • Sorry “for” / “about something you did:

“She’s very sorry about what she said.”

“I’m sorry about shouting at you.”

You can also say “I’m sorry I did something”:

I’m sorry I shouted at you.”

  • Feel / be sorry “for” somebody who is in a negative situation:

“Mark’s girlfriend left. I feel sorry for him.”

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