Welcome to your free Adjective + Preposition 2 lesson! In this topic we talk about:

• Adjective + OF. 

Adjective + AT / TO / FROM / WITH / FOR / IN / ON. 

Adjective + OF

Here are a few expressions that follow this structure:

  • Tired / sick OF:

Let’s go, I’m tired of waiting.

  • Typical OF:

It’s typical of her to be late.

  • Full / short OF:

The cinema was full of people.

We’re short of jam, could you go to the shop?

  • Capable / incapable OF:

He was incapable of passing his driving test.

  • Aware / conscious OF:

He’s ill? I wasn’t aware of that!

  • Suspicious / critical / tolerant OF:

We’ve very tolerant of different beliefs.

  • Fond / proud / envious / jealous / ashamed OF:

He’s so rich, I’m jealous of his success.

  • Afraid / scared / frightened / terrified OF:

I’m terrified of spiders.

  • Certain / sure OF / ABOUT:

I think the film starts at three, but I’m not sure of that.

The bus arrives soon, but I can’t be certain about that.

Adjective + AT / TO / FROM / WITH / FOR / IN / ON

Here are a few expressions that follow this structure:

  • Good / bad / brilliant / hopeless (etc.) AT:

I’m hopeless at singing.

  • Married / engaged TO / WITH:

She’s married to Brian. 
(Brian is her husband)

She’s married with three children. 
(She’s married and she has three children)

  • Similar TO:

Your taste in music is similar to mine.

  • Different FROM / TO:

The book was different to what I expected.

The show was very different from your description.

  • Crowded WITH:

The theatre was crowded with people.

  • Famous FOR:

London is famous for its museums.

  • Interested IN:

She’s interested in extreme sports.

  • Keen ON:

We’re not keen on going to the party, let’s stay in.

  • Dependent ON:

Poor Betty is dependent on her daughter.

  • Independent OF:

He built the site independent of outside funding.

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