Welcome to your free Expressions + Verb+ING lesson! In this topic we talk about:

• Some expressions. 

Have difficulty Verb+ING / Have trouble Verb+ING. 

Using +ING. 

Go + Verb+ING. 

Some expressions

When these expressions are followed by a verb, the verb ends in +ING:

  • It’s no use Verb+ING / It’s no good Verb+ING :

There’s nothing you can do, so it’s no use worrying about it.

It’s no good trying to apologise, it’s too late.

  • There’s no point in Verb +ING / What’s the point of Verb+ING :

There’s no point in having a motorbike if you never use it.

There was no point in waiting, so we left.

What’s the point of having a motorbike if you never use it?

  • It’s (not) worth Verb +ING:

It’s not worth taking a bus, it’s only a ten-minute walk.

The flight was at 4am, so it wasn’t worth going to bed.

  • Something is worth Verb+ING:

That book is really worth reading.

Was the film any good? Is it worth watching?

Have difficulty Verb+ING / Have trouble Verb+ING

We say “have difficulty doing something”. (not to do something.”)

I had no difficulty finding a job.

She had difficulty reading my writing.

Did you have difficulty finding my place?

You can also say “have trouble doing something”:

I had no trouble finding a job.

Using +ING

We use +ING after:

  • A waste of money / a waste of time:

It was a waste of time watching that film. What rubbish!

I can’t believe you bought that! What a waste of money buying things you’ll never use!

  • Spend time:

He spent a lot of time trying to open the box.

I spend hours playing video games on the weekend.

  • Busy:

I can’t see you tonight, I’m busy working.

Go + Verb+ING

We use +ING for a number of activities (especially sports). For example:

go swimminggo hikinggo dancinggo bowlinggo skiing

On the weekend I go sightseeing.

When did you last go shopping?

How often do you go jogging?

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