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Catch Me If You Can (2002)


A seasoned FBI agent pursues Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, successfully forged millions of dollars’ worth of checks while posing as a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and a legal prosecutor.

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Abortion A terminated pregnancy Attorney A lawyer
Bank fraud Cheating money from a bank Bank teller Someone who works at a bank
Beans Edible seed of the legume family Bra A woman’s undergarments for supporting the breasts
Braces Metal apparatus worn in one’s mouth Briefcase A flat rectangular case with a handle
Bucket A metal vessel used for carrying water Champ A winner
Crease The line made by a fold Crumbs A small particle of bread or cake
Deadhead An employee of an airline that travels for free ER The emergency room of a hospital
Felony A grave illegal act Field trip A school trip away from the classroom
Gift shop A shop that sells souvenirs Groom A man who is about to be married
Guy A young man Handcuffs Metal apparatus worn around wrists designed to impede movement
A government body that collects taxes Jump seat A foldable seat in a plane or bus
A child Landmark An important place or event
The act of lending something, usually money Loot Anything taken by force or dishonesty
A member of a Protestant church Nickel A five-cent coin
Old man
Father Pancake A thin, flat cake, fried on both sides
Paper trail
A written record Paperhanger A person who writes worthless cheques
A list of employees to be paid Pin An emblem usually worn on one’s chest
Narrow stripes, usually in fabrics Prosecutor A prosecuting attorney
A formal dance, usually held at the end of the academic year Redeye A flight that takes place at night
Routing number
An identification number used to decide something’s destination Stamp A rubber-ended tool used to mark something with ink
Stationery store
A shop that sells writing materials Stewardess A woman that works on a plane and looks after passengers
Substitute teacher
A teacher hired to temporarily replace another teacher Sucker Somebody that is easily fooled
Formal wear consisting of a pair of trousers and a jacket Swimsuit Clothes worn in water
Tax fraud
Lying to the tax office in order to pay less tax than required Tour operator A person or company that organises holidays
A small, square object used to hold money and paper Whimsy Someone who is fanciful
A book published by the graduating class of a college or high school


Ask out Organise a romantic meeting with someone Carry on Continue
Churn Mix until hard, usually milk or cream Fire Expel someone from a work position
Fool Make someone believe something that is false Hold up Slow down or stop
Label Put information onto something, usually a container Run away Escape
Settle down Stop moving around and find a place to stay indefinitely Settle in Become comfortable in a certain place
Slip Lose one’s footing and slide for a short distance Sub Replace someone
Sue Institute a legal process against someone Turn down Reject


Bright Intelligent Fraudulent Something that is fake
Ripe Ready to be consumed Sentenced Condemned
Slippery A surface that is easily slipped upon Stubborn Someone who refuses to change their mind
Undercover Someone who is disguised as someone else, usually a police officer Worried Mentally preoccupied about an upsetting situation


A handful of A few Call someone’s bluff Say that you think someone is lying
Crash a party To arrive at a party uninvited Do you concur? Do you agree?
Do you swear? Do you promise? Don’t sweat it! Don’t worry about it!
Forget about it Don’t worry about it! Get someone’s number To win against someone
Go f*ck yourself An expression of distain towards someone’s opinions or actions Go fish Take another card
Have an affair Have sexual relations with a married person Hit the jackpot Be very lucky
How unfortunate That is a shame In the field Working away from an office
Little boy’s room Men’s toilets Oh my gosh An expression of surprise
Pass the bar Become qualified to be a lawyer Say grace Thank a god for something
Sooner or later Something that is inevitable Split something with someone Share something
The house always wins The odds of a game are always on the side of the organiser of the game Try one’s hand at something Try something for the first time, usually a sport


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