Countries, Nationalities and Languages

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Learn how to talk about someone’s nationality. Study the list of countries, nationalities and languages below, and when you’re ready take the quizzes.

Country nationalities

  • Most of the adjectives can be used to describe both people and objects that come from that country:

He’s a Scottish footballer.

They’re Scottish pastries.

  • The suffix -MAN at the end of nationalities does not necessarily mean that the person is male. -MAN can also mean -PEOPLE.


Country Adjective Person People Language(s)
Britain British a Brit the British English, Welsh, Gaelic
Scotland Scottish a Scot the Scottish English, Gaelic
France French a Frenchman the French French
Germany German a German the Germans German
Spain Spanish a Spaniard the Spanish Spanish
Argentina Argentinian an Argentine the Argentinians Spanish
The USA American an American the Americans English
Switzerland Swiss a Swiss the Swiss German, French
New Zealand New Zealand* a New Zealander New Zealanders English
China Chinese a Chinaman the Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese

*only used for objects, not for people

Area nationalities

As well as country nationalities, towns and areas can also have their own words.

Town / Area Adjective Person People
London London* a Londoner Londoners
Paris Parisien a Parisien Parisiens
Florida Floridian a Floridian Floridians
Manchester Mancunian a Mancunian Mancunians
Canberra Canberran a Canberran Canberrans

*only used for objects, not for people