Eight Vital Tenses

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Let’s have a look at a few tenses that are vital to know in English. We’re also going to look at the different meanings of ‘s.

The vital tenses

Learning these eight tenses is extremely important if you want to continue to improve your English. It’s a good idea to learn an example of a sentence, and the auxiliaries too.

Present Simple

I work …

do / does

Present Perfect Simple

I have seen …

have / has

Past Simple

I ate …


Present Simple passive

I am loved …

am / is / are

Past Simple passive

I was born …

was / were

Present Continuous

I am drinking …

am / is / are

Present Perfect Continuous

I have been living …

have / has been

Past Continuous

I was going …

was / were

Has / Is

‘s can mean either HAS or IS depending on the context of the sentence. Easy rule:

‘s + adjective = is

‘s + verb+ing = is

‘s + been = has

‘s + past participle = has