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English Exclamations

In this lesson we’re looking at exclamations in English.

Small words like Wow! or Ouch! are very popular in English conversation. We’re going to look at the ten most used exclamations in this lesson.

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents


Mmm!That’s delicious!

Wow!That’s amazing!

Hey, Harry!Harry, listen!

Oh, really?That’s interesting!

Ah!That’s a shame

Ouch!That hurt!

Yuck!That’s disgusting!

Eh?That’s a silly thing to say!

Phew!What a relief!

Whoops!I didn’t mean to do that!

Match the exclamations together.

Listen to the ten halves of conversations and number the responses. Write 1-10 in the spaces next to the corresponding sentences.

WHAT / HOW as exclamations

These two question words can be used in exclamations too, have a look at the examples:

  • WHAT + uncountable noun / plural countable noun:

What bad luck!

What nice shoes!

  • WHAT A + singular countable noun:

What a lovely day!

  • HOW + adjective:

How sad!

Complete the exclamations with WHAT, WHAT A or HOW.

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