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Welcome to your “Enough” / “Too” lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Using “Enough” / “Too” with adjectives and adverbs
Using “Enough” / “Too” with nouns
• “Enough … for” / “Too … …for”
• Compare the expressions
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Using “Enough” / “Too” with adjectives and adverbs

“Enough” is used after adjectives and adverbs:

I can’t climb that mountains, I’m not fit enough.”

Let’s go home, we’ve waited long enough.”

Compare “too …” and “not … enough”:

You’re getting fat! You eat too much.”

You’re getting skinny! You don’t eat enough.”

Using “Enough” / “Too” with nouns

“Enough” is used before nouns:

We can’t go out this weekend, we don’t have enough money.”

You want to go dancing? Are you sure you have enough energy?

We had to sit on the floor because there weren’t enough chairs.”

Note that we say:

We didn’t have enough time.”
(not “The time wasn’t enough.”)

There is enough money.
(not “The money is enough.”)

You can use “enough” alone:

We don’t need any more beer. We’ve had enough.”

Compare “too much/many” and “enough”:

There’s too much dinner! Who’s going to finish that?

There’s enough dinner for everyone!

“Enough … for” / “Too … …for”

We can use “enough … for someone/something” and “too… for someone/something”:

There’s not enough money for a holiday, we have to save up.”

The dinner is too salty for me.”

But we say “enough … to + verb” or “too … to + verb”:

We don’t have enough money to go on holiday.”
(not “… for going.”)

Let’s get a bus, it’s too long to walk.”
(not “… for walking.”)

Using pronouns

We can say:

The food was very spicy. We couldn’t eat it.”

The food was so spicy that we couldn’t eat it.

The food was too spicy to eat.”
(without “it”)


The table was very heavy. We couldn’t lift it.

The table was so heavy that we couldn’t lift it.

The table was too heavy to lift.
(without “it”)

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