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In this lesson we’re looking at how to express homesickness in English.

We’ll learn about things that we might miss if we’re away from home for a while. Make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary before continuing.

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Vocabulary: Homesick

Let’s look at fourteen things that you might miss from home:

if you’re used to checking your social media all the time, you might miss reliable internet

if you have to wash clothes by hand, you might miss your washing machine

if you have a smart home, you might miss your intelligent virtual assistant (IVA or IPA)

if you’re a coffee lover, you might miss your coffee machine

if you’re camping for a long period of time, you might miss long showers


if you play a musical instrument, you might miss jamming with friends

if you’re in a different country, you might miss familiar sounds and smells

if you’re surrounded by non-English speakers, you might miss familiar accents

if you’re starting to learn a new language, you might miss deep conversations

if you’re sleeping away from home, you might miss your pillow


if you’re in a very cold, or very dry climate, you might miss healthy skin

if you’re used to shopping in your home country, you might miss chain stores

if you’re away during the holidays, you might miss Christmas adverts

if you’re the other side of the world, you might miss the climate

Read the sentences and choose the underlined thing that the speakers are describing. Don’t forget to use a dictionary if you’re having problems.

Listen to the speakers talk about what they miss the most.

The speakers are going to talk about the objects that they would bring to a desert island. Sort the objects from the most important to the least.

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