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I love what I do!

In this lesson we’re looking at home and professional life in English. You’ll be asked to understand and compare two people’s lives. 

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Audio: Mario Bianchi's life

Listen to Mario Bianchi talk about his job, life and family. See how much you understand.

Listen again to Mario talking about his life and complete the sentences below. Do not use contractions in this quiz!

Text: Susan Parker's life

Home life
Susan Parker is married, and she’s got three children, aged 6, 9, and 11. She rarely sees her children because she spends so much time at work. Susan and her husband Chris have a house in Denver, Colorado. Their house is very big, it has a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Susan is an interpreter, she works for US Solar, which is a very large company. She’s paid a lot of money but she usually has to travel for her job. She sometimes has to go to other countries like Mexico or Brazil. At the moment, she’s in Argentina, and next week she’s travelling to France.

Free time
If she’s at home at the weekend, she and her family sometimes go walking in the mountains, but that doesn’t happen very often. Susan and her husband Chris never have much time to relax together.

Is she happy?
She says that she doesn’t know if she’s happy, because she’s too busy to think about it.

Read the text about Susan and listen to Mario’s audio again, then answer the questions below. You will sometimes have to choose both answers.

Match the halves of the sentences that are about Susan and Marco.

Active and passive sentences

Mario’s audio and Susan’s text use both active and passive sentences. 

To put it simply, an active sentence is when the subject does the verb:

I take my laptop.

A passive sentence is when something happens to the subject:

My laptop is put in my bag.

Passive sentences use the verb to be plus another verb in its past participle form.

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