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Welcome to your “In” / “At” / “On” 1 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• “In”
• “On”
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We say:

in a room in a garden in the sea
in a box in a town in a pool
in a building in the town centre in the bath

What’s in the box?

I live in the town centre.”

Brian is in the swimming pool.”

I have a lychee tree in the garden.”


We say:

at the bus stop at the lights at reception
at the door at the roundabout at the stop sign

Who is at the door?

She stopped at the lights and checked her makeup.”

We wait at the bus stop every morning.”


We say:

on the table on a boat on her face
on the floor on an island on the wall

There was a blue stain on the ceiling.”

He was stranded on an island for five years.”

She had a massive spot on her face.”


Let’s compare “in” and “at”:

There were lots of children in the toy shop.”
Go straight forward and turn left at the toy shop.”

Meet me in the hotel lobby.”
I’ll be waiting at the entrance to the hotel.”

Let’s compare “in” and “on”:

There is some water in the bottle.”
There is a label on the bottle.

Let’s compare “at” and “on”:

Who is at the door?
There’s a sign on the door.”

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