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Welcome to your “In” / “At” / “On” 2 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Other ways we use “in”
Other ways we use “on”
• Other ways we use “at”
“Front” and “Back”
“In” / “On” the corner
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Other ways we use “in”

We can use the preposition “in” with these nouns:

in a book / newspaper in a magazine / letter in a photo / picture in an office / department
in the country / city in the sky / world in bed in a line / queue / row

This is the best meal in the world!

I saw you in the newspaper.”

Bob was standing in a queue.”

Other ways we use “on”

We can use the preposition “on” with these nouns:

on the left / right on the left-hand side / right-hand side on the ground floor on the first floor
on a map on the menu on a farm on a list

Steve works on a farm.”

The toilets are on the first floor.

There’s pizza on the menu.”

We can also say that something is “on the coast”, “on a river” or “on a road”:

London is on the Thames.”

Bournemouth is on the coast.”

Another expression is “on the way”:

We stopped for a drink on the way to the beach.”

Other ways we use “at”

We use “at” with “at the top”, “at the bottom” or “at the end”:

Please sign at the bottom of the form.”

The shop is at the end of the street.

“Front” and “Back”

We say “in the front / back of a car”:

We put the dog in the back of the car.”

We say “at the front / back of a building / crowd / theatre” etc:

I had a seat at the back of the cinema.”

At the concert, I was at the front of the crowd.”

We say “on the front / back of a letter / piece of paper”:

Please sign your name on the back of the cheque.”

“In” / “On” the corner

The fish tank is in the corner of the room.”
(inside the building)

The post box is on the corner of the street.”
(outside the building)

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