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Practical English - Intermediate

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  1. Unit 1 - The World is Yours
    Can I Ask You a Question?
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  2. Eight Vital Tenses
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  3. Forming All Types of Sentences
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  4. Making Conversation
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  5. Small Talk, Big Talk
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  6. Playing with Words
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  7. Everyday Vocabulary
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  8. Skills - Unit 1
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  9. Unit 2 - A Few of My Favourite Things
    What Makes Me Happy...
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  10. No Time Like the Present
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  11. I love what I do!
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  12. My job, my passion
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  13. My favourite activities
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  14. More than a number
  15. Skills - Unit 2
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  16. Unit 3 - Story Time
    Mastering the past
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  17. Androcles and the lion
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  18. My busy schedule
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  19. One Artist, One Passion
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  20. Talking about the media you love
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  21. Skills - Unit 3
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Skills – Unit 2

Now, test yourself on everything you’ve learned in this unit! Go back to the individual lessons if you need to revise a bit more.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Correctly use three verbs when talking about activities

Choose either PLAY, GO or DO to complete the activities. Good luck.

From the lesson: My favourite activities.

Pronounce numbers and amounts

Choose the correct pronunciation of the following numbers, figures or prices.

From the lesson: More than a number.

Use both the present simple and continuous

Complete the sentences by choosing either the present continuous or present simple.

From the lesson: No Time Like the Present.

Use mixed verbs correctly

Choose the correct version of the sentences.

From the lesson: My job, my passion.

Form passive sentences

Form passive versions of the active sentences.

From the lesson: I love what I do.

Complete a short text

Read the text and complete it with the verbs in the box. Each verbs should be used in its present simple form, but they will either be passive or active.

From the lesson: I love what I do!

Your words

be buy come deliver
enjoy have play wake


Talk about the activities you love

Match the halves of the sentences that talk about the activities you love to do.

From the lesson: My favourite activities.


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