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Welcome to your “Like” / “As” lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• At the same time as
“Like” meaning “For example”
• “As” meaning “In the same way”
Other uses of “As” and “Like”
• “As” as a preposition
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“Like” meaning “Similar to”

“Like” means “the same as” or “similar to”. You cannot use “as” in this way. In these sentences, “like” is a preposition, so it’s followed by a noun, a pronoun or “-ing”:

“You’re so pretty, you’re like a model!”
(not “as a model”)

“My brother’s a doctor, like me.”
(not “as me”)

“It sounds like a baby crying.”
(not “as a baby crying”)

“Like” meaning “For example”

Sometimes, “like” means “for example”:

“Some countries, like Sudan, are very dangerous.”

You can also use “such as” instead of “like”:

“Some countries, such as Sudan, are very dangerous.”

“As” meaning “In the same way”

“As” can mean “in the same way” or “in the same condition as”:

“You should have done it as I told you to.”

In informal spoken English, you can use “like”:

“You should have done it like I told you to.”

You can replace “like” with “as” only in this situation. Not when it is followed by a noun, a pronoun or “-ing”.

Note that we say “as always”, or “as usual”:

“You’re late for class as always.”

As usual, James went for a run on Sunday.”

Other uses of “As” and “Like”

Sometimes the form “As + subject + verb” have other meanings:

“You can do as you like.”
(you can do what you like)

“I did as I promised.”
(I did what I promised)

You can also say “as you like”, “as they said”, “as she thought” etc.:

As you know, it’s Christmas next week.”
(you knew this already)

“I failed the exam as I expected.”
(I expected this before)

“Like” is not usual in these expressions, except with “say”:

As I said yesterday, we’re moving house.”
Like I said yesterday, we’re moving house.”

“As” as a preposition

“As” can also be a preposition, but the meaning is different from “like”:

As Like

“James is the manager of the company, as the manager he has lots of responsibilities.”

As the manager = in his position as the manager.

“Brian is the assistant manager, like the manager James, Brian has lots of responsibilities.”

Like the manager = similar to the manager

When it’s a preposition, “as” means “in the form of”, “in the position of” etc:

“When I was twenty I worked as a postman.”

“The news of the fire came as a great shock.”

“Gardening is great as a hobby.”

“Smartphones can be used as televisions.”

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