Living Abroad

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We’re going to look at lots of vocabulary pertaining to living in a foreign country. Study the vocabulary below, and prepare to use it in the quizzes below.

Travel vocabulary

jet lag = a disorder that causes insomnia due to changing time zones

time zone = a region of the world that follows a standard uniform time

GMT = the time zone observed in the UK and some of Western Africa

local cuisine = the popular or staple food in a region or country

homesick = the feeling of  longing for one’s home during absence from it

language barrier = the inability to communicate due to not sharing a common language

sunburn = a skin irritation due to prolonged exposure to the sun

Other words and expressions

shift = periods of work

the HQ = the main offices

copper = a brown metal

can’t stand it = to be unable to tolerate something

guinea pig = a small tailless rodent

lads = male friends

rounds = a serving of alcoholic beverages at a pub

pool = a table game similar to snooker