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The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic tale of an old and bitter miser’s redemption on Christmas Eve.

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Banana peel The skin of a banana Bookkeeper A person whose job is to keep financial records
Childhood The state of being a child Clerk A person employed in a bank or office
Chestnut An edible nut, mainly eaten at Christmas Coach A horse-drawn carriage
Cockroach A scavenging insect that resembles a beetle Doornail A metal stud set in a door for strength
Eviction The action of expelling someone from a property Faith Strong trust in a person, or belief in a religion
Feast A large celebratory meal Firm A company
Gift A thing given to someone without payment Glee Great delight
Goose A large waterbird with a long neck and short legs Grave A hole dug into the ground to receive a dead body
Harvest The process or period of gathering crops and food Health A persons physical condition
Humbug Deceptive or false behaviour Leech A bloodsucking worm with suckers at both ends
Mortgage A loan to buy a house Moneylender
A person who lends money to people
Outrage An extremely strong reaction of anger Scrooge A mean selfish person, especially with money
Shadow A dark area produced by a lack of light Soul The spiritual part of a human being
Speech A formal address given to a group of people Unemployment The state of having no job
Wax A sticky substance used to make candles Welfare The level of health and happiness of a person


Bless Pronounce words in a religious rite Sneer Smile mockingly
Slip Lose one’s footing and slide for a short distance Toll The noise made by a bell


Absent minded
Having a forgetful disposition Buried Covered by something, usually earth
Displaying kindness and concern for others Dismal Being negative and gloomy
Stupid Grateful Feeling an appreciation for something done
Homeless Being without a home Jolly Happy and positive
Remarkable Worthy of attention Sour Having an acidic taste like vinegar or lemon
Shrewd Having sharp powers of judgement Thankful Pleased and relieved
Unwanted No longer desired Wretched In a very unhappy or unfortunate state


Take heed Listen very carefully


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