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My busy schedule - Free English Lesson - The English Ninja

In this lesson we’re looking at using multiple past tenses in English.

We’ll look at a schedule and express the information using the Past Simple and the Past Continuous. We’ll also have a look at the three ways that we pronounce +ED.

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents

The past simple and continuous in use

This was Sarah’s schedule for yesterday :

09:00 – 09:45 – had morning meeting 
11:30 – 13:00 – ate lunch with Mr Jones 
14:15 – 15:30 – worked on presentation 
16:00 – 18:30 – Played golf with Mary and Chris

When talking about these activities, the past simple means “She started to do this action at this time”:

What did she do at 2:15 – She worked on her presentation.

At 4 p.m she played golf.

The past continuous means “I was in the middle of this action at this time”:

At 9:30 she was having a meeting.

What was she doing at 3 p.m? – She was working on her presentation.

Match the halves of the sentences about the schedules below, imagine that the actions in the schedule happened yesterday. Use the past simple or past continuous.

Make sentences that talk about schedules in this quiz. The sentences will either be in past simple or past continuous. Remember that expressions like “at 4 p.m” can be placed at the beginning or the end of the sentence.

Pronouncing +ED

There are three ways of pronouncing the +ed at the end of regular verbs. Have a look at the table and practice pronouncing the verbs.

  • /t/


  • /d/


  • /ɪd/


Read the verbs out loud and select the correct pronunciation of +ed.

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