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Practical English - Intermediate

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  1. Unit 1 - The World is Yours
    Can I Ask You a Question?
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  4. Making Conversation
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  9. Unit 2 - A Few of My Favourite Things
    What Makes Me Happy...
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  11. I love what I do!
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  12. My job, my passion
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  13. My favourite activities
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  14. More than a number
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  21. Skills - Unit 3
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My favourite activities

In this lesson we’re looking at how to talk about your sporting activities in English.

We’re going to look at a lot of new vocabulary in this lesson. Have a look at these articles, and make sure to note down any new vocabulary that you see.

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents

The activities I love

I’m a snowboarder, I like to go snowboarding. Sometimes I go to a ski resort, sometimes to the dry ski slopes. To go snowboarding you need a snowboard, boots, a helmet, goggles, and some waterproof clothes.

I’m a golfer, I play golf. I play at the golf course. To play golf you need a set of golf clubs, some gloves, and comfortable shoes and clothes.

I’m an angler, I go fishing. I normally take a boat to the lake, sometimes I stay on the pier. To go fishing you need a rod, some bait and hooks. You’ll also need a hat if it’s sunny.

I do crossfit at the gym. You only need some sports clothes, like a hoody and stretchy trousers, and some weights.

I’m a footballer, I play football. I play at the football field. You need a football, some football boots, a pair of shorts, and a football shirt. Sometimes you need shin-pads.

Choose either PLAY, GO or DO to complete the activity.

Drag the activities down next to the items that they correspond to.

Choose the places that you can do the activities.

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