Phrasal Verbs with AWAY / BACK

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Welcome to your Phrasal verbs with “Away” / “Back” lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Compare AWAY and BACK
Other phrasal verbs with AWAY
• Other phrasal verbs with BACK
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Compare AWAY and BACK

Compare the meanings of AWAY and BACK using various verbs:

  • AWAY can mean “away from home”:

“We’re going away for the weekend.”

  • BACK can mean “back home”:

“You‘re back! How was your holiday?”

  • AWAY can mean “away from a person / place”:

“I tried to take a photo of the cat, but it ran away.”

“She got on her bike and rode away.”

“I dropped my ticket and the wind blew it away.”

  • BACK can mean “back to a person / place”:

“After the concert we walked back to our hotel.”

“What time will you be back?”

“Please can you put the hoover back when you’re finished with it?”

You can also say: walk AWAY, go AWAY, walk AWAY etc. You can also say: come BACK, take BACK, run BACK etc.

Other phrasal verbs with AWAY

  • get AWAY (escape):

“I was cornered by my talkative aunt and couldn’t get away.”

  • get AWAY WITH (do something wring without getting caught):

“I broke the neighbour’s window but I think I got away with it.”

  • keep AWAY (not approach):

Keep away from the pond, you might fall in.”

  • give AWAY (give for free):

“I gave all my old books away.”

  • put AWAY (put an object in its place):

“Please put away those plates.”

  • throw AWAY (put in the bin):

“I threw away my old jumpers.”

Other phrasal verbs with BACK

  • wave BACK / smile BACK / shout BACK / write BACK / hit BACK (reciprocate an action):

“She smiled at me and I smiled back.”

  • call BACK / text BACK (respond to a missed call or a text):

“I missed the call from Jim so I called back.”

  • get BACK (reply to somebody):

“I can’t answer that question now, I’ll get back to you tomorrow.”

  • look BACK (think about the past):

“Looking back at my childhood, I think I was very lucky.”

  • pay BACK (resolve a debt):

“Thanks for lending me the money, I’ll pay you back next week.”