Phrasal Verbs with ON / OFF 1

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Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs with ON / OFF 1 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• ON / OFF with machines, lights etc.
ON / OFF with events etc.
• ON / OFF with clothes etc.
• OFF meaning “away”
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ON / OFF with machines, lights etc.

We say:

Please leave the light on.

Could you please switch the radio off?

Would you like some tea? I’ll put the kettle on.”

It’s hot. Can you turn the air conditioning on?

Let’s have a drink and put on some music!

ON / OFF with events etc.

  • go ON (happen):

What’s that smell? What’s going on?

  • call OFF (cancel):

Because of the weather the match was called off.”

  • put OFF (delay):

The meeting has been put off until next Monday.”

We can’t put off doing this. We have to do it now.”

ON / OFF with clothes etc.

  • put ON (wear):

It’s hot, you should put on a hat.”

  • We can also say put ON weight:

After Christmas, I realised that I had put on four kilos.”

  • try ON (try some clothes):

She tried on the dress but she didn’t like the colour.”

  • take OFF (remove):

After work, I go home and take off my shoes.

OFF meaning “away”

  • be OFF (go):

Next week we‘re off to South Africa.”

  • walk OFF, drive OFF, run OFF etc. (go):

When the police arrived the woman ran off.

  • set OFF (start a journey):

We set off for Scotland at 4am.

  • take OFF (leave the ground):

The plane takes off at three.

  • see OFF (go somewhere to say goodbye):

Last week we took her to the airport to see her off.