Phrasal Verbs with ON / OFF 2

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Welcome to your free Phrasal verbs with ON / OFF 2 lesson! In this topic we talk about:

• Phrasal verbs with ON. 

All the uses of GET ON. 

• Phrasal verbs with OFF.

Phrasal verbs with ON

  • Verb + ON = continue doing something. Walk ON = continue walking, Drive ON = continue driving, etc.

The policeman called to the man, but he drove on.

  • go ON (continue):

The picnic went on until 6pm.

  • go ON + verb+ing or carry ON + verb+ing = continue doing something:

We can’t go on living like this, something has to change.

He didn’t want to carry on working here, so he quit.

  • We can also use “go on with something” or “carry on with something”:

Don’t let me interrupt you, please carry on with your work.

  • “Keep on verb+ing” = do something continuously or repeatedly:

She keeps on forgetting to charge her phone! I’m fed up with it!

All the uses of GET ON

  • get ON = progress:

How is your son getting on at his new school?

  • get ON with someone = have a good relationship with someone:

My parents-in-law don’t get on. They’re always arguing.

He gets on well with his brothers.

  • get ON with something = continue doing something. This is normally used after an interruption:

It was nice to see you, now I really must get on with my work.

Phrasal verbs with OFF

  • doze OFF, drop OFF and nod OFF (fall asleep):

I nodded off on the bus and missed my stop!

  • finish OFF (do the last part of something):

Dinner’s almost ready, I just have to finish the rice off.

  • go OFF (explode or ring):

A bomb went off at the airport, luckily nobody was hurt.

The alarm went off at 6am.

  • put OFF (cause someone to not do something):

I really want to visit the mountain, but the long walk puts me off.

She saw the insect in her meal and was instantly put off.

  • rip OFF (cheat someone, normally for money):

You spent €10,000 for that car? I think you were ripped off.

  • show OFF (try to impress people with your ability, your knowledge etc):

James ran up the mountain. I think he was just showing off.

  • tell OFF (speak angrily to someone because they did something wrong):

He was told off for running at the swimming pool.