Phrasal Verbs with UP 1

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Welcome to your Phrasal verbs with “Up” 1 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Go / Come / Walk / Catch / Keep UP
Set / Take / Fix UP
• Grow / Bring UP
• Clean / Clear / Tidy / Wash UP
• End / Give / Make / Take / Turn / Show / Use UP
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Go / Come / Walk / Catch / Keep UP

  • go UP, come UP, walk UP TO (approach someone or something):

I walked up to the girl and asked for directions.”

  • catch UP with someone or catch someone UP:

You leave now and I’ll catch up with you later.

  • keep UP (be at the same pace as someone):

She was so fast during the hike, I couldn’t keep up with her!:”

Set / Take / Fix UP

  • set UP (create a company / business / website etc.):

We set up this website in 2014.”

  • take UP (start a hobby / sport for the first time):

To keep fit I’ve taken up tennis.”

  • fix UP (arrange a meeting etc.):

We fixed up a meeting to talk about the problem.”

Grow / Bring UP

  • grow UP (become an adult):

I was born in Spain but I grew up in France.”

  • bring UP (take care of a child for a long time):

He was bought up by his grandparents.”

Clean / Clear / Tidy / Wash UP

  • clean UP, clear UP, tidy UP:

Look at this mess! Who’s going to tidy this up?

End / Give / Make / Take / Turn / Show / Use UP

  • end UP (finish somewhere, or finish by doing something):

We didn’t know what to do, so we ended up going to the beach.”

“I went for a walk and ended up at the park.”

  • give UP (quit something):

After years of trying he managed to give up smoking.”

Keep going! Don’t give up!

  • make up something‘ (invent) and be made up of something‘ (consist of):

Tourists make up half of the population at summer.

He made up a lie to hide the truth.

  • take UP (use):

Most of my flat is taken up by furniture.”

  • turn UP and show UP (appear/arrive)

I wanted to see Bob last night, but he didn’t show up.”

  • use UP:

The printer doesn’t work, we’ve used up all the ink.”