Phrasal Verbs with UP 2

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Welcome to your Phrasal verbs with “Up” 2 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Phrasal verbs with UP
More phrasal verbs with UP
• Even more phrasal verbs with UP
• A few more phrasal verbs with UP
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Phrasal verbs with UP

  • bring UP (introduce a topic in a conversation):

“While we’re talking about the problem, I have another detail to bring up.”

  • come UP (be introduced in a conversation):

“Some interesting topics came up in the meeting this morning.”

  • come UP WITH (produce an idea or a suggestion):

“Mary has come up with a good idea.”

  • make UP (invent a lie):

“What I told you wasn’t true, I made it all up.”

More phrasal verbs with UP

  • cheer UP (be happier):

“You look unhappy, cheer up!”

“I tried to tell a joke to cheer him up.”

  • save UP (save money for a purpose):

“She’s saving up to buy a car.”

  • clear UP (the weather becomes clearer):

“We’ll go out once the weather clears up.”

Even more phrasal verbs with UP

  • blow UP (explode):

“The factory caught fire and blew up.”

“The army blew up the bridge.”

  • tear UP (tear something into pieces):

“She wasn’t happy with the deal and tore up the contract.”

  • beat UP (hit someone repeatedly):

“My cousin was beaten up last weekend.”

A few more phrasal verbs with UP

  • break UP / split UP (separate from somebody):

“He’s sad because his girlfriend split up with him.”

  • do UP (fasten a piece of clothing):

“Don’t forget to do up your coat before leaving.”

  • do UP (improve the quality of a room / house etc.):

“With our savings we’re going to do up the kitchen.”

  • look UP (search in a directory for information):

“If you don’t know, look it up on Wikipedia.”

  • put UP WITH (tolerate something):

“We live next to a school so we have to put up with the traffic in the morning.”

  • hold UP (delay):

“Please go on ahead, I don’t want to hold you up.”

“Renovations have been held up until they decide on the plans.”

  • mix UP / get mixed UP (confuse something for something else):

“You look very similar to your sister, I always mix you two up.”

“I always get New York and New Jersey mixed up.”