Phrasal Verbs with UP / DOWN

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Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs with UP / DOWN lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Compare UP and DOWN
Knock / Blow / Cut DOWN etc.
• Phrasal verbs with DOWN
• Other phrasal verbs with DOWN
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Compare UP and DOWN

put something UP (on a wall for example):

I put the mirror up on the wall.

take something DOWN (from a wall for example):

I took the mirror down from the wall.

pick something UP:

I saw a wallet on the floor so I picked it up.”

put something DOWN:

She walked in and put her bags down.

stand UP:

We stood up and walked out.”

sit DOWN, bend DOWN, lie DOWN:

You look tired, you should lie down.

turn something UP:

I like this song, turn up the radio.”

turn something DOWN:

The TV is too loud, can you turn it down please?

Knock / Blow / Cut DOWN etc.

We say knock DOWN a building, blow something DOWN, cut a tree DOWN, etc:

Our mango tree was damaged during the storm, so we cut it down.”

Why did they knock down that building?

  • knocked DOWN can also mean hit by a car:

A woman was knocked down by a car and taken to hospital.

Phrasal verbs with DOWN

DOWN used with some verbs can mean “getting less”.

  • slow DOWN (go more slowly):

You’re going too fast! Slow down!

  • calm DOWN (become calmer or make someone calmer):

Don’t get so upset. Breathe slowly and calm down.

  • cut DOWN (reduce how much you do something):

I’m getting fat, I should cut down on red meat.”

Other phrasal verbs with DOWN

  • break DOWN (stop working for machines, cars, relationships):

Our car broke down on the way to Manchester.”

Their marriage broke down after ten years.”

  • close DOWN or shut DOWN (stop doing business):

There used to be a cinema here but it closed down a year ago.”

  • let DOWN (disappoint someone):

I should have called you, I’m sorry I let you down.”

  • turn DOWN (refuse):

They offered me the job but I turned it down.”

  • write DOWN (write something on paper because you’ll need the information later):

She told me her number and I wrote it down on an envelope.”