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Welcome to your SO / SUCH lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Compare “So” and “Such”
Why use “So” or “Such”?
• Other uses of “So” and Such”
• Compare the expressions
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Compare “So” and “Such”

So + adjective / adverb Such + noun
so clever
so nice
so quickly
such a … book
such … people
such a … film

I really liked the book, it was so clever.”

I like my neighbours, they are so nice.”

“The film was over so quickly.”

It was such a clever book.”

My neighbours are such nice people.”

“It was such a quick film.”

Why use “So” or “Such”?

These words are used to make an adjective or adverb stronger:

“So” “Such”

It was a horrible day at the beach yesterday. It was so cold!

I don’t like going in her car, she drives so quickly

We had such a great time in the mountains last weekend.”

“I like driving to work with you, you’re such a good driver.”

You can use “so … that”:

The film was so good that we bought the Blu-ray.”

I was so hungry that I ate all the cake.”

You can use “such … that”:

It was such a good film that we bought the Blu-ray.”

It was such a delicious cake that I ate all of it.”

We usually leave out “that”:

I was so hungry I ate all the cake.”

We usually leave out “that”:

It was such a delicious cake I ate all of it.”

Other uses of “So” and Such”

“So” and “Such” can also be used to mean “like this”:

“So” “Such”

“I found out that the building was built fifty years ago. I never knew it was so old!”

“I’m hungry because I only had a salad for lunch. I rarely eat so lightly.”

I didn’t realise that it was such an old house!

Note the use of “no such”:

I looked on the map for Stevensville, but there’s no such town.”
(the town does not exist)

Compare the expressions

  • So long:

I haven’t been here for so long. I missed this place.”

  • Such a long time:

I haven’t been here in such a long time. I missed this place.”

  • So far:

I didn’t realise your town was so far away!

  • Such a long way:

I didn’t realise your town was such a long way away.”

  • So much, so many:

I had so much food for lunch, now I need a sleep.”

  • Such a lot (of):

I had such a lot of food for lunch, now I need a sleep.”

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