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Talking about the media you love

In this lesson we’re looking at talking about media in English.

We’ll look at how to talk about you favourite books, films and tv series. Have a look at the vocabulary and expressions below, and make sure you understand what they mean. 

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents

To refer to something a second time, you can use personal pronouns:

Have you seen it?

You can also use one or ones:

I love the Spiderman films, I’ve seen every one.

Oh! I’ve heard of that one!

James Bond films? I like the ones with Roger Moore.

Read the sentences below and decide what the underlined word refers to.

Talking about books

Here are some expressions you would use when you talk about books:

he was such a good writer

it’s such a page-turner

it’s difficult to put down

it’s so well written

I couldn’t get into it

Talking about series

Here are some you would use when you talk about the series’ you watch:

each episode ends on a cliffhanger

I binged the entire season

I can’t wait for the next season

no spoilers!

the ending was epic

Talking about films

Here are more expressions, this time talking about films that you’ve seen:

it’s a classic

I haven’t seen it yet

I was on the edge of my seat

it doesn’t translate well onto film

it’s a bit cheesy

Asking questions

Here are some questions you might ask when you’re conversing about media:

What’s it called?

Who wrote it?

Who directed it?

Who starred in it?

Who are the main characters?

Where does it take place?

What’s it about?

Why do you like it?

Match the answers to the questions about the films and books.

Now correspond the sentences that you’ve studied, with their questions.

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