THE with Names 1

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Welcome to your “The” with Names 1 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• “The” with Place Names
“The” with Titles / Lakes / Mountains
“The” with Deserts / Bodies of Water
“The” with Plural Places and Names
“The” with Compass Directions
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“The” with Place Names

Much like the names of people, we do not normally use the with names of places:

cities, towns etc.: London, Birmingham, Dublin
continents: Europe, Africa, Asia
countries: Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany
islands: Tasmania, Corsica, Réunion
mountains: Everest, K2, Scafell

We do use the, however, with places containing the words “Republic”, “States”, “Kingdom” etc.:

“Have you ever been to Ireland or the United Kingdom?”

“He comes from Germany, but lives in the Czech Republic.”

“I travelled from Canada to the USA during the summer.”

“The” with Titles / Lakes / Mountains

When we use titles (Doctor/Captain/Mr/Mrs etc.) with a name, we do not use the:

Mr Jones works at the bank.”

Doctor Sanders is my GP.”

Sometimes a title is also a job. When you want to talk about the job, you can use “the”.

Captain Smith lives here.”

“There’s a problem! Call the captain!”

In the same way, lake and mount (mountain) can be used with or without the, depending on the use:

“She works near Mount Etna.”“She works near the mountain.”

“I swam in the lake.” “I swam in Lake Michigan.”

“The” with Deserts / Bodies of Water

We use the with bodies of water, as well as deserts:

canals: the Baltic Canal, the Kiel Canal
oceans: the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific
rivers: the Thames, the Seine, the Nile
seas: the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea
deserts: the Sahara, the Gobi

“The” with Plural Places and Names

We also use the with plural places and names:

countries: the Philippines, the Maldives, the Netherlands
groups of islands: the Bahamas, the Antilles, the Florida Keys
mountain ranges: the Alps, the Rockies, the Asir Mountains
people:  the Smiths, the Christies, the Kirks

“The” with Compass Directions

The + northeast / south / west” can be used to specify an area of a place. The is not used with northern, eastern, southern or western:

“Dorset is in the south of England.” “I come from southern England.”

“He works in the north.”  “He works in northern Japan.”