THE with Names 2

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Welcome to your THE with Names 2 lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• “The” with Place Names
“The” with Building Names
“The” with Named Places
“The” with Companies
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“The” with Place Names

We do not normally use the with names of important buildings (universities / airports / stations) when there are two word in the name:

Oxford University Victoria Station Bournemouth Airport
Kingston University Waterloo Station Orly Airport

These two words are made of the name of a place (Waterloo) followed by the type of place (Station). However, if the first word is an adjective, we do use the:

“We’re going to Buckingham Palace.” “We’re going to the Royal Palace.”

We also do not normally use the with names of roads / squares / parks etc.:

High Street Kings Road Times Square Hyde Park
Central Park Priests Road Broadway Third Avenue

“The” with Building Names

The majority of other buildings use the:

cinemas / theatres: The Rex Cinema, The Globe Theatre
hotels / restaurants: The Ritz Hotel, The Metropolitan Grill
museums / galleries: The British Museum, The Tate Gallery
other buildings: The Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building

Most of the time, we leave out the noun:

“I went to the Globe yesterday.”
(Globe Theatre)

“Lets go to the Tate!”
(The Tate Gallery)

“He works in the Empire State.”
(The Empire State Building)

Some names, however, are only the + noun (the Kremlin, the Acropolis, the Pentagon).

Names that use of usually have the:

“He works at the Bank of England.”

“Tomorrow we’re going to the Museum of Modern Art.”

“That’s the Tower of London.”

“He goes to the University of Los Angeles.”


“He goes to Los Angeles University.”

“The” with Named Places

Sometimes places are named after the people who designed, built or owned them. In these cases we use ‘s or s. In these cases, we do not use the:

“He works at Lloyds Bank.”

“Let’s go to Macy’s later.”

“She goes to St. Paul’s Church.”

“The” with Companies

Most newspapers and the majority of companies use the:

newspapers: the Sun, the Mirror, the Guardian
organisations: the EU, the BBC, the Red Cross

Names of airlines or companies normally do not use the:

airlines: British Airways, United Airlines, Brussels Airlines
companies: Sony, Apple, Renault, Nikon