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There’s No Place Like Home

In this lesson we’re looking at some important time expressions and colloquialisms in English.

Try your hand at memorising the expressions, they’ll come in very useful!

Have fun with the lesson, and don’t forget to try the quizzes.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Time expressions

Let’s have a look at some time expressions that we can use with different tenses.

  • The Present Simple

Frequency adverbs (always, never…)

I always have lunch at one.

They sometimes watch tv in the evenings.

  • The Past Simple

when …
in …
… ago
the other day/week
during + event
for …
frequency adverbs

I stopped when I saw the flashing lights.

The film ended twenty minutes ago.

It rained the other day.

She looked tired during the race.

  • The Present Perfect Simple

for …
since …

I’ve never seen such a big animal!

She’s been angry since the elections.

We’ve lived here for three years.

  • The Future

in a fortnight’s time
during …
for …

I’ll cook tonight.

We’ll talk about it in a fortnight’s time.

I’ll have to work during Christmas.

She’ll be working for another three hours.

Match the halves of the sentences using time expressions.


In written informal English, we tend to use lots of colloquialisms. Here are a few examples:

kind of = quite
cos = because
loads = lots
miss you like crazy = I miss you a lot

rubbish = terrible / annoying
cool / awesome = great
knackered = tired

Read the text conversation below and complete the questions and answers.

Read the sentences and add a colloquialism to complete them.

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