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Skills – Unit 2

Now, test yourself on everything you’ve learned in this unit! Go back to the individual lessons if you need to revise a bit more.

– James.

Lesson Contents

Using the present perfect instead of the past simple

Read through the sentences and choose the correct form of the verb. (present perfect / past simple)

From the lesson Historical and Contemporary Explorers.

Using simple and continuous tenses

Match the halves of the simple and continuous sentences.

From the lesson Simple and Continuous.

Define some advanced vocabulary

Match the vocabulary to their definitions.

From the lesson Welcome to Paradise?.

Define some common idioms

Match the idioms to their definitions.

From the lesson: My Bucket List.

Use MAKE and DO correctly

Match the objects of the sentences to the verbs MAKE and DO.

From the lesson: Make It & Do It.

Use exclamations correctly

Choose the correct exclamation to complete the sentences.

From the lesson English Exclamations.

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