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Welcome to your VERB + IN / INTO / WITH / TO / ON lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• Verb + IN
Verb + INTO
• Verb + WITH
Verb + TO
Verb + ON
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Verb + IN

  • believe IN something:

“Do you believe in a god?”

“She believes in speaking her mind.”

  • But we also say “believe something” (believe that something is true):

“That can’t be true, I simply don’t believe it.”

  • specialise IN something:

“He’s a chef, he specialises in French cuisine.”

  • succeed IN something:

“I hope she succeeds in finding a better job.”

Verb + INTO

  • break INTO something:

“Someone broke into the shop last night.”

  • crash / bump / drive / run INTO somebody / something:

“I bumped into your brother at the shop.”

  • divide / cut / split something INTO parts:

“She cut the birthday cake into eight parts.”

  • translate (something) FROM one language INTO another:

“This article was translated from Chinese into English.”

Verb + WITH

  • collide WITH something:

“There was an accident yesterday, a truck collided with a bus.”

  • fill something WITH something:

“Please fill this jug with water.”

  • provide / supply somebody WITH something:

“The company provides all of its employees with company cars.”

Verb + TO

  • happen TO somebody / something:

“What happened to the hat you always wore?”

  • invite somebody TO something:

“I have been invited to the office party.”

  • prefer something / somebody TO something / somebody:

“She prefers beer to wine.”

Verb + ON

  • concentrate ON something:

“I listen to music to help me concentrate on my homework.”

  • insist ON something:

“I wanted to pay for the meal, but my father insisted on doing it.”

  • spend (money) ON something:

“She spent €1,000 on clothes!”