VERB+ING (Gerunds)

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Welcome to your Verb+ING (Gerunds) lesson! In this topic we talk about:

• When do we use gerunds?

Phrasal verbs with gerunds.

Verb + object + gerund.

Expressing finished actions.

Using THAT with gerunds.

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When do we use gerunds?

Gerunds are when we change a verb into a noun. Have a look at these examples:

I enjoy cooking.
(not “I enjoy cook.”)

Would you mind putting it in the bin?
(not “Would you mind put…”)

She suggested going to the beach.
(not “She suggested go…”)

Here are a list of verbs that are sometimes followed by a gerund :

admit / avoid / consider / deny / enjoy / fancy / finish / imagine / mind / postpone / risk / stop / suggest

Do you fancy going out tonight?

They denied stealing the car.

We’ll finish cleaning tonight.

He stopped working to write a book.

He has postponed moving house until July.

The negative form is NOT verb+ING:

I don’t fancy going out tonight.

He doesn’t enjoy dancing.

Phrasal verbs with gerunds

Verb+ING is also used after these phrasal verbs:

Give up (stop)
Put off (postpone)
Go on / Carry on (continue)
Keep on (do something repeatedly)

Have a look at a few examples:

She’s given up smoking.

We’ve put off having the wedding until July.

We’ll carry on working until 5pm.

They keep on annoying each other.

Verb + object + gerund

Have a look at these examples:

I can’t imagine you climbing that mountain!

They can’t stop us parking here!

Sorry to keep you waiting so long.

Expressing finished actions

To express finished actions, we can use HAVING + past participle:

They admitted having stolen the car.

I regret having done that.

You can also replace HAVING + past participle with Verb+ING:

They admitted stealing the car.

I regret doing that.

Using THAT with gerunds

When we use THAT in a sentence instead of a gerund, we have to form the sentence like this:

They denied that they had stolen the car. 
They denied stealing the car.

She suggested that we go out tonight. 
She suggested going out tonight.