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Welcome to your WILL / SHALL 1 lesson! In this topic we talk about:

• When do we use WILL? 


Other uses of WILL 


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When do we use WILL?

WILL (or ‘ll) is used when we decide to do something at the time of speaking:

It’s hot in here, I‘ll switch on the air-conditioner.

I forgot to lock the car! I‘ll do it now.

You cannot us the Present Simple in these situations.

We can also use “I think I’ll…”:

I think I’ll make some tea, would you like some?

I don’t think I’ll cook tonight, I’m too tired.

The negative of WILL is WON’T:

I won’t do my homework now, I’ll do it later.


We do not use WILL when talking about something that we have already decided to do:

My parents are going to visit in December. 
(not “My parents will visit in December.”)

We‘re eating in town tonight. 
(not “We will eat in town tonight.”)

Other uses of WILL

WILL is also used in these situations:

  • Asking someone to do something:

Will you please stop making so much noise!

  • Promising to do something:

Thanks for your help, I‘ll help you out when you need it.

I won’t tell anyone your secret, I promise.

  • Agreeing to do something:

Sure, I’ll lend you some money.

  • Offering to do something:

Those bags look heavy, I’ll get the door for you.


SHALL is mostly used in the questions “Shall I …?” and “Shall we … ?” to ask for someone’s opinion or advice. Also to offer or suggest something:

Shall I make tea? 
(Do you want me to make tea)

I’ve burnt the dinner! What shall I do? 
(What do you suggest I do)

Shall we go? 
(Are you ready to go)

What shall we do this evening? 
(What do you suggest we do)

“Shall I … ?” is not the same as “Will you … ?”:

Shall I make dinner? 
(Do you want me to make dinner)

Will you make dinner? 
(I want you to make dinner)


  • WILL is used when you decide to do something at the time of speaking.
  • It is also used for arrangements, and asking, promising, agreeing and offering to do things.
  • SHALL is used to ask for opinions, advice, and to offer or suggest something.

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