“Much” / “Many” / “Little” / “Few” / “A lot” / “Plenty”

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Welcome to your “Much” / “Many” / “Little” / “Few” / “A lot” / “Plenty” Lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• “Much” / “little” / “many” / “few”
“A lot of” / “lots of” / “plenty of”
“Much” / “a lot of” / “a lot” / “many”
Using “little” and “few” for negative ideas
Using “a little” and “a few” for positive ideas
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“Much” / “little” / “many” / “few”

We use much and little with uncountable nouns:

much time much energy little information little money

We use many and few with plural nouns:

many people many children few cars few houses

“A lot of” / “lots of” / “plenty of”

We use “a lot of”, “lots of” and “plenty of” with both uncountable and plural nouns:


a lot of time lots of information plenty of money
a lot of people lots of children plenty of cars

“Plenty” means “more than enough of”.

“Much” / “a lot of” / “a lot” / “many”

“Much” is rarely used in positive sentences:

“We didn’t have much time.”
“We had a lot of time.”

“They don’t have much money.”
“They have a lot of money.”

We use “many” and “a lot” in all types of sentences:

Many people live in London.” A lot of people live in London.”

“There aren’t many tourists at the market today.” “There aren’t a lot of tourists at the market today.”

“Have you seen many storms?” “Have you seen a lot of storms?”

Using “little” and “few” for negative ideas

We use “little” and “few” (without “a”) to speak about negative ideas:

“I’m so tired from work, on the weekend I have little energy to go out.”

“She doesn’t go out much, she’s got few friends.”

“Little” and “few” can also be used with “very”:

“We were quite disappointed by the museum, we received very little information.”

“He doesn’t like reading, he’s read very few books.”

Using “a little” and “a few” for positive ideas

“A little” means “some” or “a small amount”:

“I’m quite tired after work, but I still have a little energy to go out.”

“A few” means “some” or “a small number”.

“She doesn’t go out much because she only has a few friends.”

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