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Welcome to your “Have Something Done” lesson! In this topic we talk about:
• When do we use “Have Something Done”?
Word order
“Get something done”
Other uses
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When do we use this form?

Have a look at this example:

“I had lots of problems with my car, so I took it to the garage and had it repaired.”

We use “have something done” to say that you asked someone else to do something, and they did it. Have a look at the differences between these sentences:

“James cut his hair.”
(he cut his own hair)

“James had his hair cut.”
(someone else did it for him)


“I fixed my car.”
(I did it myself)

“He had his car fixed.”
(someone else did it for him)

Word order

Be careful with the word order, the object is always before the past participle:

have object past participle
Brian had his carpet cleaned.
You really should have your car waxed.
She’s having a patio built.

“Get something done”

You can also use GET instead of HAVE, which are mainly used in informal spoken English:

“Do you want to get the house painted?”

“I think you should get your computer cleaned.”

Other uses

Sometimes “have something done” has a different meaning. Look at this example:

“While I was at work, I had my bag stolen.”

This does not mean that the speaker arranged for their bag to be stolen, it means “the bag was stolen.” Here are some more examples:

“He had his ankle broken during the race.”

“Have you ever had your car stolen?”


  • Use “have something done” to say that you asked someone else to do something.
  • In this form, the object is always before the past participle.
  • If you want to speak using informal English, you can also use GET instead of HAVE.

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