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Welcome to your free Verb + Preposition + Verb+ING lesson! In this topic we talk about:

• When we use the form Verb + Preposition + Verb+ING. 

Using objects with the form Verb + Preposition + Verb+ING. 

When we use the form Verb + Preposition + Verb+ING.

Have a look at a few examples:

verb + preposition + object
“We talked about the problem.”
“You have to apologise for what you did.”

Here are more verbs with this structure:

“I’m looking forward to meeting her.”
“Do you feel like going out tonight?”
“They have decided against moving to Spain.”
“He doesn’t approve of drinking.”
“I wouldn’t dream of hurting you!”
“I’m thinking of changing my career path.”
“She insisted on paying for the meal.”
“Have they succeeded in finding a flat?”

You can also say “approve of somebody doing something” or “look forward to somebody doing something”:

I don’t approve of people drinking and driving.”

I’m looking forward to James coming home.

Using objects with the form Verb + Preposition + Verb+ING.

The following verbs can have the structure Verb + Object + Preposition + Verb+ING:

verb + object + preposition + verb+ing
“They accused him of telling a lie.”
“I congratulated them on buying their new house.”
“Please excuse me for being so rude.”
“You must forgive her for not calling you.”
“What prevented you from arriving on time?”
“The rain didn’t stop us from having a great picnic.”
“Nobody suspected us of being thieves.”
“I have to thank you for helping us.”

You can say “stop somebody doing” or “stop somebody from doing”:

You can’t stop me going out tonight 
You can’t stop me from going out tonight.

Many of these verbs are used in the Passive:

He was accused of telling a lie.

We were suspected of being thieves.

Note that we say “apologise to somebody for … “:

I apologised to them for keeping them waiting.

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